Fig is a Lingon word meaning 'mind'... though the meaning is a bit more complex than what we as humans can understand. The Fig element is the element of the mind, and of imagination. Souls by themselves are merely mindless essences of being; they exist but are not aware of it because they have nothing with which to process information from the environment. Minds are 'operating systems' for souls, of sorts.

People of the Fig element are exceptionally rare. They have unusual mental skills such as psychic powers, though their minds can often be on a level 'beyond genius', such that they work on a completely different wavelength to others and seem 'insane'.

Aether and Fig do not have any sort of weakness or strength against each other. However, almost every Aether-elemental monster in MARDEK has a corresponding Fig weakness, and vice versa (also, Carpioneiros is weak to both Aether and Fig, even though it is Fig-elemental.) The two exceptions to the rule, the Master Stone and Annihilator:Karnos, also happen to be the only two monsters that can change elements at will. Even so, the Master Stone still has a Fig weakness when it is Aether-elemental. This is likely done to make battles more manageable, as a means of 'nerfing' otherwise-powerful monsters, however, there are still very few ways to attack with either of those elements.



Fig first officially appeared in Deliverance. It was not named at the time, but it appeared as a purple sphere on party members' and monsters' stat sheets.


Fig appeared in a similar manner in the first two chapters of MARDEK as it did in Deliverance: its glyph appeared on party members' and monsters' stat sheets, but it only made its 'proper' appearance in chapter 3.

Currently, the only way to inflict Fig damage in MARDEK is to use Legion's Gemsplosion with a Candriathope equipped. Because of the abundance of Aether monsters in MARDEK chapter 3, most of which having Fig weaknesses, this attack can be considered a game breaker. However, the rarity of Candriathopes, along with the assortment of good items that are crafted from them limits its usage somewhat. Fig attacks in general are quite devastating; the lack of resistances to Fig allows the full brunt of the attack to go through where most cannot, and Fig has a tendency to be associated with Confusion, a very crippling status effect.

People of the Fig element

Fig-elemental enemies



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