A simple charm made of feathers of a sacred bird, to be worn in the hair. It increases the potency of Natural-elemental skills.

In-game description

Feather Crest is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Helmet slot by Mardek, Deugan, Emela, Vehrn, Zach, Donovan, Sharla, Sslen'ck, Solaar, Elwyen, Gloria, Meraeador, Legion, Bartholio and Aalia.


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  • DEF: 1
  • MDEF: 4
  • SPR +1
  • Empowers FIRE (10%)
  • Empowers WATER (10%)
  • Empowers AIR (10%)
  • Empowers EARTH (10%)
Skills M DMG+20%


On join Gloria
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