A delicate harp made by forest spirits, out of forest spirits!

In-game description

Fairy Harp is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Weapon slot by Elwyen.


The Fairy harp is apparently made out of forest spirits, but this is very unnerving so let's cover the visuals instead. The outer areas of the Fairy Harp are a golden color with brown on the edges, and green fairy dust surrounds the edges. The strings are a vibrant purple and a large red flower adorns the top of the harp itself.


  • ATK: 24
  • Critical chance: 1%
  • EARTH Elemental
  • SPR +3
  • AGL +2


In shop Lifewood - Fairy Spring (x1)


  • The Fairy Harp has a small rose on the top of it which cannot be seen in the sprite. This is presumably due to an inability to properly render it (though the splotch of brown may indicate it)
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