Fairies are a race of small, magical beings native to Belfan, who only speak in haiku. They are related to pixies, yet are typically friendlier, giving advice and engaging in commerce with adventurers and Yalortian priests. They have only appeared in MARDEK Chapter 3.

Fairies reside solely in the Lifewood, and can be found throughout the enchanted forest; most Fairies live in the Fairy Spring. They are usually kind and playful souls, giving assistance while simultaneously making a joke. Malicious fairies are ostracised as punishment for their crimes; they wander aimlessly through the Lifewood, and are generally aggressive towards travellers.


Fairies serve as 'checkpoints' throughout the Lifewood, and are able to teleport Mardek and his party to the entrance, the Fairy Spring, the Earth Temple and the Lost Monastery, once they have been there before. Some fairies in the Fairy Spring give advice, and one fairy there runs a small shop.

Lost Fairies

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At some point before Mardek and his friends arrive in the Lifewood, a group of bandits lead by Muriance attack the fairies of the Fairy Spring. Several were paralysed by magic and kidnapped, to be sold and used as enchanted trinkets. The Fairy Leader reaches out to Mardek and his allies to rescue these five fairies, all of which were taken to a secret shop in the slums of Aeropolis.

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