The Executive is a high-ranked employee of Generic Company. One Executive is seen in every floor (except Floor 2 1/2) but Floor B is where Executives gather. Clarence can get promoted to Executive himself during the evaluation of his performance at the end of the day if he has completed all ten of the tasks that the CEO gave him.

The male Executives, who superficially resemble the trollface (an image occasionally used to indicate trolling on the Internet), are generally very insensitive and two of them can offer Clarence some dating advice which only work on girls not of frumpy libido.

Bruce, who is located at Floor 2 in Room 3, tells Clarence to tell his date that she looks sexy as he thinks that women like to know they look sexy but acknowledges that his advice won't work every single time. Mr Wanker, who thinks that Clarence looks up to him as his idol, tells him that everything that he knows is wrong and that he should tell her that she has a great rack.

The female Executives are seen talking on the phone (with one of them actually talking on her phone) and are basically the complete opposite of the male executives as one male executive tried Mr Wanker's advice on an executive named Natalie but failed.

Natalie can give Clarence some dating advice if spoken to. She is surprised that Clarence is even on a date but tells him that a woman's elegance and dignity are her greatest treasures so he should tell his date that she looks dignified and modest. She thinks that treating his date with respect would get him his reward in the end.

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