Evolution in Miasmon involves monsters changing form to become more powerful. Monsters evolve either by attaining certain levels, or if the player uses certain Totems on them.

Evolution stages


This is the first evolution stage and is also the one that all newly-cloned monsters begin in. Monsters will only learn Rank I skills in this stage.


This the second evolution stage. Monsters will evolve from Essent form after attaining Level 6. They will only learn Rank II skills in this stage.


This is the third evolution stage. Monsters will evolve from Transient form after attaining Level 14. They will only learn Rank III skills in this stage.


This is the fourth and final evolution stage. Monsters will evolve from Prime form after attaining Level 23. The appearance of Paragon form monsters is a modified version of their Prime form, not a completely new look. Aside from stat bonuses, there are currently no additional bonuses planned for this stage.


Some monsters will evolve into this stage if the player uses a certain Totem on them. The strength of Totemnal monsters is generally between their Essent and Prime forms, but Totems can be used on them at any level, allowing the player to obtain a more powerful monster before they are at the level normally needed to evolve. Monsters do not generally evolve beyond this form.

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