For other uses, see Ether of Queens.

A higher quality ether, infused with the blood of a fairy queen or something like that. It restores 200MP.

In-game description

Ether of Queens is an item in the MARDEK series.


The Ether of Queens closely resembles the other Ether variants (Ether and Ether of Kings), however it has a pink color and sparkle. The Ether of Queen is a bottle with a wide base and a small brown cork at the top. It is surrounded by small pink sparkles.


The Ether of Queens is odd, though not as bad as its more potent alternative. Both it and the Ether of Kings are found in limited quantity outside of the Dreamshrine, with the King having as few as 14 copies of it in "standard" gameplay and the Queen having 16 (there is a 17th in the Astral Tunnel). After that, the player must farm them from Dreamshrine/Arena exclusive foes who themselves have a pitiful 5% drop rate. You might as well fund Stoles with nothing but Mahogany Staves. So the few accessible should be preserved. Then there is the issue of should one use an Ether of Kings. The answer? It's a sizable MP restore, and this oddly makes it more useful than the King. It is fairly easy for your Spellcasters to achieve 200 MP at the end of the game, and so the Ether of Queens may be useful without being a waste. As such, while some players may wish to conserve the Ether of Queens on account of them being unsustainable, it is still incredibly useful.

Properties Restores 200 MP


In chest
As drop Furious Eye (5%)
In shop Goznor Secret Shop (x10)
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