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This magical draught restores 100MP, and is probably made from liquefied fairies, or something. Who knows? But does it MATTER? You'll drink it anyway, even if you found it just lying around in some manky cave.

In-game description

Ether is an item in the MARDEK series.


Ethers are cyan vials (possibly reflecting their ingredients) with a flat base and a long thin neck. They have a brown cork on the top and blue sparkles hovering next to them.

Ethers are apparently made from Manaberries and Ectoplasm.


The Ether is the best MP restoring item. The Ether of Queens/Kings are in limited quantity while Manaberries restore half the amount (you can also make Ethers with Manaberries). This makes the humble Ether a renewable and effective MP restoring item which is worth carting around 10 of on each character.

Properties Restores 100 MP
As ingredient Elixir


On join
In chest
As drop
In shop
From recipe ×3 at Gloria's Cauldron:
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