Eric Dragonheart is a minor character in Deliverance.


When first encountered, Eric is the Peacekeeper of Villageville. He is bored of his job since Villageville is a very peaceful place, and he doesn't have much work to do. Because of this, he has decided to leave his job and become an adventurer.


During Chapter I he appears at his house in Villageville. If talked to, he will tell the player his story and ask them their opinion of adventuring.

During Chapter II he appears wounded, close to Fallen High Priest. He is trying to become a cultling in order to pass through the Crystal Marsh, but he has failed to defeat the Fallen High Priest, and is resting in order to retry the fight.

In Chapter IV, he can be found in the Aldea inn, having managed to become a cultling. If talked to, he remarks on how he enjoys adventuring as it allows him to visit new and unusual places such as this.


To date, he has had no major role in the plot. However, given his unique appearance and the fact that he has reappeared multiple times, it is likely he was intended to serve some purpose later on, and possibly even become a playable character.

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