Enki Ea'seph El-Regis is a character in the MARDEK series, and Mardek's father. He is an adventurer of great renown, known as 'Enki the Wanderer'. He left his wife and child a few years ago to go on some quest that he swore wouldn't take long. He's not returned since, and little is known about his current whereabouts; only a few rumours about sightings of him in the far, frozen Northern Wastes suggest he still lives. His family eagerly awaits his return.


Not much is known about his background. Even his wife, Lilanea, does not know much about his past. She tells Mardek that Enki never told her much about his past.


Enki is not yet featured in the game besides his mention by Lilanea. However, it is theorised that he will appear in later chapters. There's a medical officer in Lykel's group in Xantusia who finds that Mardek is strangely similar to their captain, which might point out that Enki is the captain of the ship that crashed near there; and he appears to be searching for a certain gizmo in Nole'Oth (according to his dreamstone), which might or might not be the same ★ Gizmometer which Lykel asks Mardek to retrieve for him.



  • Enki's middle name, Ea'seph, as well as the fact he seems to have a Japanese "theme" to him (including a katana) and long hair, seems to link him to Sephiroth, the main villain of the game Final Fantasy VII. However, it is currently unknown if this is merely co-incidence.
  • Enki is a god in Sumerian mythology.
  • He refers to making the "goldfish shine once more" which could refer to the name of the crashed space ship (in the SOL file the rooms are named "Goldfish_cafe" etc).

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