This page contains links to the various parts of the Encyclopaedia in the MARDEK series and how to obtain those entries. More specific instructions can be found on each page (or will be, for characters).

Encyclopaedia Entries

PeopleMARDEKSmall People - Talking to or hearing about a character will usually populate his or her entry into the encyclopaedia.
PlacesMARDEKSmall Places - Entering an area for the first time will add its entry, if the area is in the encyclopaedia.
ArtefactsMARDEKSmall Artefacts - Reading about these in bookshelves will add their entries.
BestiaryMARDEKSmall Bestiary - Defeating a certain monster for the first time will populate its entry (if it has one).
DreamstonesMARDEKSmall Dreamstones - Finding a dreamstone will add its contents to the encyclopaedia.
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