Ehaiah is a world covered mainly in lush rainforests. It represents the element of Earth in the Telenem System, and has a strong magical field. Mt. Fig is located on Ehaiah, as is the Fig Guru, and so the majority of Fig Hunters come here sooner or later. It's also a good spot for tourists! Ehaiah is one of the Union Worlds overseen by Kasham Undon.

Physical Characteristics

Most of Ehaiah's surface is forested; it's rare to see any vast open plains, and oceans can't be seen at all. The surface 'floats' on a subterranean ocean, however - the planet in fact has a water core and only a thin layer of actual rocky surace - which can be reached by digging, and there are many lakes and rivers in the forests, though none are all that big. The forest canopy blocks the green sky from view most of the time, and the tallest trees can reach many hundreds of metres into the heavens. At night, the forests grow green with pure Earth elemental magical essence. The forests are swarming with wildlife.


Ehaiah has two natural satellites; Pip and Ove.


The primary inhabitants of Ehaiah are the tribal Goblins, and they make up the majority of the population. Reptoids are also native to Ehaiah, however; though they mostly keep to themselves and aren't nearly as abundant. Ehaiah is ruled by a single green dragon, named Ven'kragh, who is the self-proclaimed King. He is a harsh and cruel dictator, and frequently scorches large areas for kicks. Few oppose him, however, due to his incredible strength. The true King of Ehaiah, a Goblin, heads one of the many underground resistance movements against the mighty dragon. Alien visitors to Ehaiah are common, and most of them are humans. Some of those humans are merely looking for adventure, or to set up a shop, but most of them are Fig Hunters, questing to find the Fig Guru atop Mt. Fig, or to speak with Fignar Hakentaightainford, one of the greatest Master Fig Hunters in the galaxy who keeps a shop on Ehaiah.


Monsters on Ehaiah are of the low-mid difficulty, making it a place to avoid for newbies and highly experienced veterans alike; the former because they'd be slaughtered, and the latter because there'd be no experience to be gained.

Places of Interest

  • Dragonfly Gully
  • Figgy's Forest Fig Shop
  • Wolf Ruins
  • Emerald Pass
  • Reptoid Village
  • Temple of Seasons
  • Earth Sanctuary
  • Mount Fig
  • Cabbage Tree Creek
  • Ven'kragh II's Lair
  • Ven'kragh I's Crypt
  • Goblinville

Famous Residents

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