For the location in Deliverance, see Temple of Earth.

One of the god-built Elemental Temples, which houses the Earth Crystal. It is teeming with vitality, and the air within is thick, and smells like moist plantlife.

Encyclopaedia description

The Earth Temple of Belfan houses the Earth Crystal of the planet. It is located deep within the Lifewood. Mardek and his allies go here in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones to obtain the Earth Crystal of Belfan.


Mardek meets Muriance, a Bandit Chief who now claims to be a treasure hunter, outside of the temple. Muriance claims that he needs to enter the temple in order to gather items for charitable purposes. However, he can't get in because he needs the other half of a runestone, which Mardek has. The Bandit Chief tricks him and ambushes him by attacking him with four bandits. Mardek and his allies enter the temple and later see Muriance lying on the floor in front of the Earth Guardian. He claims that he was mortally injured when he tried to fight it, though the Guardian says that he will only sneak past when Mardek's party fights the Guardian. Mardek challenges the Earth Guardian into a battle. Once Mardek and company defeat it, they confront Muriance and battle him for the crystal. Once Muriance is defeated, he warps out (without the crystal).

Monster formations

Random (Everywhere except puzzle rooms, guardian room, crystal room and secret area behind the crystal room):
Note: Witchdoctors can summon Green Souls.


  • Niggardly Golem x1 (trapped chest x7 only)
  • Churlish Golem x1 (on failing the puzzle)
  • Trilobite Warrior x1 (Sidequest boss, southern sealed room)
  • Earth Guardian x1 (Boss)
  • Muriance x1, Bandit x3 (Boss)
  • Red Dragon x1 (Bonus boss, trapped chest only)

Treasures found

Room directly north of entrance


Hub room


Outer west chambers


Inner west chambers


Inner east chambers


Outer east chambers

  • PhoenixDown x1 (trapped; 1x Niggardly Golem level 25) (left on lowest row)
  • Emerald x1 (middle on lowest row)
  • Potion x1 (trapped; 1x Niggardly Golem level 25) (right on lowest row)
  • Remedy x1 (trapped; 1x Niggardly Golem level 25) (left on second lowest row)
  • Antidote x1 (trapped; 1x Niggardly Golem level 25) (middle on second lowest row)
  • 3,006 Gold (right on second lowest row)
  • Acid Seed x1 (left on second highest row)
  • Nightcap x1 (trapped; 1x Niggardly Golem level 25) (middle on second highest row)
  • Mugwort x1 (trapped; 1x Niggardly Golem level 25) (right on second highest row)
  • Elf Cap x1 (left on highest row)
  • Liquid Lightning x1 (trapped; 1x Niggardly Golem level 25) (middle on highest row)
  • GreenBeads x1 (right on highest row)

Locked room in inner east chambers

Crystal Room


Secret Room

  • There is a switch in the dreamworld, which allow you open one of the three doors in the dreamcave.
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