For other uses, see Earth Staff.

A two-handed staff with an elemental gem on the head, infused with the powers of Earth.

In-game description

Earth Staff is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Weapon slot by Gloria and Aalia.


The Earth Staff is a brown, wooden staff with a small dark green leaf on it. It has a lime green gemstone on its head, and emanates lime colored sparkles.


  • ATK: 16
  • Critical chance: 1%
  • EARTH Elemental
  • SPR +1
  • Empowers EARTH (20%)


On join Gloria
As drop Trilobite (5%)


  • The Earth Staff is one of three weapons that can be obtained in Chapter 2 but are unusable until Chapter 3; the other two are the Greataxe and the Polemace.
  • Equipped by Trilobite.
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