Dreamstone #8 is obtained by completing the Cambria Champion Tournament of Chapter 3. This particular Dreamstone is about Deugan going over what he should do in the future.

Note: Character names do not appear while reading dreamstones in-game; they were added by Fig Hunter Wiki for purposes of readability and clarification.


Now what? I didn't think this far ahead.
It would be so easy to just turn back, go back to her arms, live together alone in happiness, away from the rest of the world... It'd be bliss.
Maybe in some ways I could even say I'd EARNED my paradise by my sacrifice? Who's to know?
No... That's not a fair way of thinking. It's not right. I'd only be lying to myself, and it'd be tormenting.
Maybe I should seek him out again? Rejoin his group, resume from where we left off?
I don't think I could show my face around him again... 'Hi, I just died, but I'm not dead anymore! My sacrifice wasn't a sacrifice at all!'
Whenever a hero in the stories sacrificed himself to save others, that was always his end, and that's WHY he was remembered. Those heroes were revered so highly... It would be grand to be remembered as one.
But I'm sure it'd be a stain on my reputation if I just... RETURNED...
It'd cheapen the heroic deed...
Unless they'd think of me as great for looking Death straight in the eyes and surviving?!?
No... I'm kidding myself. That's only really valid if I SAY I'll return.
I do want to be a hero... But he deserves to be THE hero.
Perhaps... Perhaps I can leave my old life behind and become someone else?
I could be a hero, but in the background... I wouldn't interfere with his Main Quest sort of work, I'd just save cats on the side, that sort of thing.
I could make the world a better place even if I am no longer in it.
Yes, This will be my gift to the world...
I will redeem myself... But I will not return.
I wish you the best of luck, all of you...
Today, I die...
... And I am reborn.
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