Dreamstone #15 is obtained by going to the room in the Dark Temple where the Dark Crystal used to be. This particular Dreamstone is about Steele trying to somehow activate the Dark Crystal after he had obtained it, though being defeated by Mardek and his group.

Note: Character names do not appear while reading dreamstones in-game; they were added by Fig Hunter Wiki for purposes of readability and clarification.


DAMNIT ALL TO THE HELLS! Why is the [PROFANITY]in' hell do those little pricks keep getting the one-up on me?!
There's something wrong with this [PROFANITY]in' universe. That's why it needs to be [PROFANITY]in' destroyed.
And with THIS babeh. I can make that happen. OOOOH yeah, babeh, no we're talkin'!
That pansy-assed bandit at the mines wasn't worthless after all, for givin' me the idea of these things. They really are [PROFANITY]in' powerful.
WORK, DAMN YOU, you stoopid goddamn Crystal! Work when I tell you to! Don't make me SMASH you or nothin'!
Damnit! Still need to find out how to work the [PROFANITY]in' thing. I WILL find out soon, and then... THEN the end will come for all in this world who dare defy me.
That damned chick... That *Emela*. SHE is the one who I will get first.
How DARE some scrawny WHORE zap me with a lightning bolt?! That really STUNG. This scar, my eye... My cushy job in the Guard. She ROBBED me of them, that BITCH. She will DIE.
I will travel, and I will find a way to use this [PROFANITY]in' Dark Crystal to make sure of that. Just you wait and see, my li'l pretty.
But you know what? She's still cute, so before I end her pitiful life, I'll tie her up and make sure I get me a sweet piece of ass in the deal.
And when she screams and cries? I'll laugh. I'll do it for HOURS and I'll never find anything better than that. [PROFANITY] yeah.
Then she'll die, and they'll ALL die. That [PROFANITY]in' Tin Man, that sissy-ass golden dog, that long-haired nerd with the sissy beard, that other chick, Sharla. Gone.
I'll taint all souls in this godsforsaken world using this rock, then I'LL RULE them all and they'll bow down to ME.
[PROFANITY] yeah. I'm so awesome. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself just so then I could shag my own brains out because I'm so awesome and hot, only that'd be GAY and I'm too much of a man for it. Yeah.
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