Dreamstone #14 is obtained by going underwater in the Gem Mine using Oxyale. This particular Dreamstone is about Muriance, the Bandit Chief, ordering his thoughts about how he is attracted to the Elemental Crystals.

Note: Character names do not appear while reading dreamstones in-game; they were added by Fig Hunter Wiki for purposes of readability and clarification.


These obstinate ponderings of ELEMENTAL CRYSTALS... Of Root Magic and deep power... How they torment me so!
My whole being seems drawn to those stones, as if I have no choice but to spend my life searching for them. But why? WHY?!
'Destiny' and 'fate' are meant to be merely pretentious jargon used by knicker-wetting, doe-eyed tykes, or out-of-touch philosophising old priests who don't know their arse from their ankles. They are not meant to be so REAL, so palpable!
I have thoughts, sometimes... deep thoughts. Are they dreams, or are they memories? Or both, in some fashion?
In them, I am *amazing*. Yet I am also a dog? It is most strange. I feel drawn to the Crystals like any other dogs would feel drawn to the arses of their ilk, yet I don't want to SNIFF them, but to utilise their power?
I do not understand it, and I sense I am drawn to madness by this deep, deep craving.
I'd rather just be a grand bandit spending my time in a cave, or a palace, bathing in glittering piles of ill-gotten lucre; I don't even WANT world domination or the bloody crystals!
But what is the 'I', what is the me? Surely SOME part of my gloriously sharp-as-a-scimitar mind wants them, and I cannot shut it up. Is it me, deep down, more than the part that doesn't? Which is the madness?
Gah, I'm becoming one of those knicker-touching doe-arse philosophisers now! Begone, thoughts of nonsense! Leave me be!
I need to focus on what I need to do next. What DO I need to do next?
Oh, right, I see. I need to do what I can to find the Crystals.
Sigh. A slave to myself, I am, I am.
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