Dreamstone #13 is obtained by pressing all gemstone switches in both the Lifewood and the Dreamwood, then the Dreamstone is accessible in a cave in the Dreamwood. This particular Dreamstone is about Solaar during a gathering of the Runari, during which it is decided that Solaar must go to Belfan to protect the Dark Crystal, located in the Dark Temple from who possibly could be the reincarnation of Zaephros.

Note: Character names do not appear while reading dreamstones in-game; they were added by Fig Hunter Wiki for purposes of readability and clarification.


Chieftain Eraluf
"You are gatherised here, O Runari, because the Seer has Seen and what xe has Seen is baneful, baleful, and dire."
"We must all her out what xe Saw."
Runari Seer
"I saw a greeeat eeeeevil!"
(Xe always does...)
Runari Seer
"A THREAT to not just Kalhu, but the entiiire galaxy! A thing, a biped, who, with a Dark Crystal from a distant world, could bringerise the end of us all..."
(Oh no! Oh no!)
Runari Seer
"YES. For I have Seen this, with my astral eyes! It is not as clear as I would preferify, but I see a dark essence, a dark energy, a being, originating from a world..."
"A world of humans, 'Belfan'. From there, a dark foe will rise to bother us all, using a Dark Crystal, BUT!!"
"A bright light, a spark of hope, will also be born from there, which will challengrose this dastardly dark presence!"
"And oh, how it will SHINE! Brighter than any sun!"
"However. We cannot rely on the Fates alone. Their threads are strong, so we need not send many. You must send one Runare, Chieftain Eraluf."
"Xe is to wait on this world of 'Belfan', and to observify and protectorise the Dark Crystal there until this Dark One goes near it."
"Xe must stop the villain, the Zaephros one, before they can start. The Chaosbringer will not rise again!"
(Aah! I hope oh hopey hope they don't chooserise meee!)
Chieftain Eraluf
"You all heard the seer. One of your Runari must be sent to this little world, to watch the Prophecy and ensure our safety."
"You, Solaar, Ninth of the Lupidar set. Do you acceptify this Quest?"
(Buggeration! Nooo!)
"Um, I accepterise it as much as is possibular, my O almighty chieftain who I serve with verve, for it is my duty, for I am of the Runari!"
Chieftain Eraluf
"Very good. You can travel through an astral tunnel. BUT you cannot returnerise until your Quest is complete-o-tato! Get?"
"Aye and indeed, yessir yessir! Going now, I am, I be! My Quest shan't be failn!"
(Oh, poo and not woo. This will be awfulicious, I bet!)
(The Seer's so unreliablarmy! It could happen in a year or a thousand. I could be waitending most of my life away from home!)
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