Dreamstone #11 is obtained by returning all 5 fairies to the Fairy Chieftain in the Lifewood. This particular Dreamstone is about Elwyen ordering her thoughts about Canonia, her friend Gloria and her newly-appointed position as Canonia Shaman, as well as her affection towards Mardek and his newly-acquired helmet that covers his face.

Note: Character names do not appear while reading dreamstones in-game; they were added by Fig Hunter Wiki for purposes of readability and clarification.


This village is so totally boooo-riiiing!
I wanna get out of this place so bad! There's nothing to do around here, nobody to spend any time with...
I feel like I'm going outta my mind!
Gloria's too busy with all that Shaman stuff... That sucks!
Why'd it hafta be HER who was Chosen by Nature anyway? I could probably be a better Shaman!
But she has worked on it for so long, studying and stuff, so I should be proud of her... Glad.
So go you, Glo!
I miss Mardek!
I want him to get back! To hear about all his adventures... To hold him...
I wish we could see eachother more! I wish I didn't have to just HEAR about his adventures, but that I could be IN them!
My dreams just aren't enough! I need to be with him in person!
But he won't let me... I don't know why, I think I'd do a great job!
I could be his sexy maiden who was there for him through thick and thin...
Only I'd not be one of those sappy ones who gets kidnapped all the time! Heh, I'd probably save HIM from villains instead!
I worry sometimes that he might get captured or killed by some villain just because they'd ask him to come with them and he'd say 'well, okay!'
He's so... accommodating. Submissive? Just always does what others want, goes with the flow... Like a leaf in a brook, he is!
But then why doesn't he do what *I* want and take me with him?!
He's been so miserable since that friend of his died... Dougal or whatever.
I never liked that guy, I only met him those times at the lake, where my, um... uh, with the Hag, but he was so miserable-looking!
If it weren't for him, maybe I'd have been adventuring with Mardek for years now! HE'd have said yes!
But without him, Mardek seems so lost... I think he used to guide him, and Mardek just followed...
When he talks about when they were kids, that's the impression I get, that Douglas was really passionate but Mardek just got caught up in it all, went along with it.
Like... he only joined the Guard because Deugar wanted them to, but now that that guy's gone, Mardek's in this situation but doesn't really FEEL anything for it...
He's a Knight, but his heart's not in it at all!
It just makes me want to be with him all the more! I'D get his passions flowing, I know I would!
So he'd better let me come next time! He NEEDS me!
And I need him...
Sigh! I wish he'd back soon... this waiting sucks so much!
And when he DOES, I hope he takes off that stupid helmet this time!
He's been wearing it for ages... I wonder if he's just bothered about that time I commented on those weird sores, and how he had bags under his eyes like he was really tired?
I was only joking! His face is totally hot, nothing to be ashamed of!
With his sexy grin, his rugged beard...
I hope I didn't hurt him... But those sores really were weird. Maybe it's some kind of infection?
I've never even kissed him properly! Next time he removes his helmet, I'm totally gonna DO that!
I've gotta be more forward if I want our relationship to really fire up!
But doesn't he miss that Emily girl, or whatever she was called?
I'll give him reason to never think of anyone but me! I'll show him what it's like to be with a girl who actually WANTS him, a girl who can have some fun!
That girl seemed miserable too! Why does he always hang out with these miserable losers? Maybe... maybe he wants someone miserable?!
Nah... I think that girl and that Dergal guy should get hitched, and Mardek and I can be alone together, and-...
Oh, wait. He's dead, isn't he? Oh. Um...
Well, I wish Mardek would get soon! I'm so boooored!
Maybe I'll go and bother Glo for a while...
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