Dreamstone #10 is obtained by returning 8 Ancient Artefacts to the curator in the Aeropolis museum. This particular Dreamstone is about Sharla ordering her thoughts about herself, her new status as Royal Knight and her relationship to Donovan.

Note: Character names do not appear while reading dreamstones in-game; they were added by Fig Hunter Wiki for purposes of readability and clarification.


So I'm a Knight now... I don't know how that happened at all!
I never thought I'd make it past the first week of the Guard stuff, but here I am now. Yay!
I don't know what to expect now, but I hope I do okay...
I hope I can get on missions with Donovan... I don't want to end up with a bunch of men I don't know! That'd be scary, I think.
I can handle monsters fine, but men...
Even when I barely talk, they still seem to all want to be my boyfriend or something...
I wish I could just tell them no, my heart belongs to someone else, but I can never do that and... and... do I lead them on, then?
It's just so hard to say no... I don't want to upset anyone!
So I, um, really hope I do end up with Donovan! I could be with anyone else too, but if he's there, it'll be okay.
I do worry that I don't talk enough even to him though...
I just prefer to listen. I don't mean to keep any secrets or anything.
I hope he doesn't think I'm hiding stuff? He seems so open, and I think he'd not respect me if I hid stuff...
He trusts me, right...?
Um, anyway... I need to prepare for this mission, I suppose!
I hope it's something fun, and not like... crawling around in mucky skeletons or anything! That's never nice!
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