Dreamstone Large.png

Dreamstones are plot items in the MARDEK series that do not appear in the Plot Items section of the menu, but in the Encyclopaedia instead. When used they show plot-like events of people who Mardek knows. When the first 16 Dreamstones are brought to the Tree of Dreams in Dreamwood, it will open a portal to the Dreamshrine where the second superboss, Annihilator:Animus can be challenged.

When reading a Dreamstone, the Dreamstone's text will change colour according to the element of the person that is talking. That way, you can decipher who is talking and learn some secrets about the backstory of the characters if you've been following the story so far. Lines of dialogue without quotation marks represent a character's thoughts; lines of dialogue with quotation marks represent a character's spoken words.



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