The second secret dungeon!!!

It's a place within the Dreamrealm specifically built by "thought mages" of the Manta, or something, to imprison the Mind of the Annihilator. Be careful!

Encyclopaedia description

The Dreamshrine is an optional dungeon in the MARDEK series. It houses the second superboss and apparently most powerful enemy of MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, Annihilator:Animus.

To access the Dreamshrine, Mardek will have to acquire all dreamstones (except Dreamstone #17 which drops from Qualna) and then examine the Tree of Dreams in Dreamwood. After that, the portal to the Dreamshrine will activate.

Monster formations

Random (everywhere except boss area):
Note: Oneironauts can summon Yellow Souls.

  • Monster x3
  • Monster x4
  • Furious Eye x3
  • Yellow Soul x3
  • Oneironaut x1
  • SOLAK Spirit x2
  • Dreamfish x3
  • Dreamfish x4
  • Monster x2, Furious Eye x2
  • Monster x2, Yellow Soul x2
  • Monster x2, SOLAK Spirit x1
  • Furious Eye x2, SOLAK Spirit x1
  • Furious Eye x2, Dreamfish x2
  • Yellow Soul x2, Oneironaut x1
  • Yellow Soul x2, SOLAK Spirit x1
  • Oneironaut x1, Dreamfish x1


  • Monster x4 (trapped chest)
  • Oneironaut x2 (trapped chest)
  • Dreamfish x3 (trapped chest)
  • Annihilator:Animus x1 (Boss)

Treasures found

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4

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