The Dreamcave is a location in the MARDEK series.


In MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, after Gloria joins Mardek's party, she tells him that they should pick up an item in the cave. Inside, the party enters the Dreamrealm for the first time seen. Rohoph's body replaces Mardek's in the Dreamrealm, which makes the other party members suspicious, though Rohoph says that he means no harm. The party obtains the ★ Talisman of ONEIROS deeper into the cave, which allows everyone to enter the Dreamrealm (without the Talisman only Mardek/Rohoph, Elwyen, Gloria and Solaar could do so).

There are 3 gem gates in the Dreamcave; the respective gem switches are in the Dreamrealm versions of the Canonia Woods, Tainted Grotto and Earth Temple (which can be accessed pressing a hidden switch on a rock in the Crystal Room and entering the nearby door, after completing the storyline events in the area).

Monster Formations

Random (main cave area only):

Treasures Found

Notice The Dreamstone #12 and the Yggdrasil's Finger can only be obtained after deactivating the 3 gem switches mentioned above.
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