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Divine Dreams is a turn-based 3D RPG game series by Tobias Cornwall. The game is set in Alora Fane. Divine Dreams is intended to be a re-imagination of the MARDEK series, which was Tobias' previous project. Divine Dreams is intended to be released in three episodes, the first based on MARDEK Chapter 1: A Fallen Star, the second based on MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero and MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, and the third completing the story.

As the series is a re-imagination, Tobias said that several characters from MARDEK may have their names, appearance, and personalities changed in Divine Dreams. For example, Mardek may be renamed into Dayvha[1]. Tobias stated this was because the name Mardek was partially inspired by Mesopotamian mythology, and in Divine Dreams he decided to take inspiration from Indian mythology instead.[2]

Tobias initially started working on Divine Dreams in late 2019. However, because he did not want to dedicate himself to creating a series without knowing it's viability, he created Atonal Dreams, a "prequel", to gauge interest in Divine Dreams' creation.


Divine Dreams takes place 666 years after the Cataclysm of Alora Fane.

Playable Characters

Concept art for the characters in Divine Dreams.


Divine Dreams introduces new mechanics not seen in MARDEK. These include a "light/dark" system, which can be used to switch the side of characters, including monsters and player characters.[3]

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  • The name of every character is 6 letters, including Emela, who in the games early stages was renamed to Emeela. This is likely in reference to the Cataclysm, which occurred 666 years before the game begins. 6 (IV) notes of a scale are also prominently used in the games music, such as the opening theme.