One of the Elemental Temples that houses an Elemental Crystal. It is unknown who built these temples... Some say that an ancient race, which used to rule the world with magical technology, built them centuries ago. Others say that the Gods themselves built them to house the crystals. Others say that they just "formed naturally", like a cliff or the crystals.

Whatever their origin, they are places of intensely strong magical energy that few mortals ever tread in, unless they're searching specifically for the crystals.

The crystals have been taken on occasion - the Dark Crystal is usually taken by "villains" as a part of their megalomaniacal schemes - yet they always seem to have a way of finding their way back to their temples...

Encyclopaedia description

The Dark Temple is a location in the MARDEK series. It houses the Dark Crystal of Belfan. This location is initially accessible from Spaceship ????.


Mardek, Donovan, Sharla and Sslen'ck go to the Dark Temple to seek the mysterious man who attacked the Sun Temple several days ago. They also meet Solaar here, who introduces xyrself as the Guardian of the Dark Crystal. They find the mysterious man here and defeat him in combat, but he uses a Warp Stone to teleport out along with the crystal after being defeated.

Monster Formations

Random (everywhere except the crystal room and pre-crystal antechamber):


Treasures Found

Entrance room

Hub room

Northeastern room

Southwestern room

Southeastern room

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