Cyber Orteks are the most savage and violent of the Draco System races, existing only to destroy others. They don't eat and never fatigue.


They can be described as bionic dragonoids; they have fleshy parts, but much of their bodies consist of mechanical parts. They are built rather than born. Cyber Orteks were originally built by some sadistic alien entity whose identity has been forgotten (if it was ever known in the first place), and since their initial creation they have learned how to reproduce themselves (i.e. they know how to use the machinery in their Birth Factories now, and how to make copies of that machinery).

Cyber Orteks aren't exactly intelligent, as such, as much of their brains consists of computer programming, but they are cunning, and are great strategists... Even though most of their 'strategies' consist of 'let's fly in there and blow stuff up!'. They can use various languages, such as Lingon and other sounds-based ones, but when communicationg amongst themselves they use a form of binary computer code sent via a form of psionics to the recipient's brain (this could be called a form of telepathy).

Cyber Orteks are horribly powerful and are feared by most of the other races in the Draco System. A single Ortek has enough power to destroy an entire armada of its enemy's spacecraft.

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