An ancient blade, cursed by some powerful wizard. Whoever wields it is afflicted with the Curse status effect, but so are any enemies that it strikes. It also drains the energy of its victims, but causes its wielder to bleed constantly.

In-game description

Cursed Blade is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Weapon slot by Mardek and Vehrn.


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  • ATK: 45
  • Critical chance: 3%
  • DARK Elemental
  • Drains HP
  • Inflicts CRS (100%)
  • STR +5
  • VIT -5
  • SPR -5
  • Auto-Curse
  • Auto-Bleed
Skills P+Bleed 20%


In chest Miasmal Citadel (west room)
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