This article is about the level in Super Mega Extreme Cyber Ortek Flier 2005 X. For the planet, see Crystalite (Planet).

Crystalite is a level in Super Mega Extreme Cyber Ortek Flier 2005 X. As it has the third-lowest recommended level, it is considered to be the third level in the game.


Oh, I can't even be bothered thinking of a reason to send you on a mission this time. I mean, the aim would be the same - destroy everything and then a boss - but this time that's all I'm telling you. Go to Crystalite, fight a bunch of Crystaloid forces, and then destroy one of their motherships. Got it? Good
That is your mission.


  • Crystal Fighter: A basic and very fast fighter that attacks by ramming. Sole inhabitants of the first Crystalite area.
  • Crystal Destroyer: A large and sturdy crystal vessel that fires white bullets in pairs. Unlike the Lingon equivalent, it does not stay in place, instead moving up and down, and does not flee if not destroyed quickly. Start appearing from the second Crystalite area.
  • Crystal Spire: A very big tower. It does not attack, but colliding with it spells certain death, so it must be destroyed quickly. Start appearing from the third Crystalite area.
  • Crystal Mothership: The boss of the level. The Mothership is circular and rolls around the screen, firing two streams of white lasers in opposite directions and occasionally a circular spread of white bolts from its core.


The reward for completing this level is Blue Fire, which is like regular fire but is stronger, has a longer range and consumes slightly more mana.

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