Clarence Lardbottom is the titular character in Clarence's Big Chance and Clarence RPG. He is a 35-year-old man who is fat and grotesque and lives with his parents. He is an employee of Generic Company.


Clarence, who wished to meet the lady of his dreams one day, had a very lovelorn life as all the women he "dated" had no interest with him, mainly because of his grotesque appearance, lack of sensible hygiene or his slug collection.

However, this all changed when one night, on an online dating site under the name Mr StudMuffin69, he had found a girl nicknamed StrawberryGirl54, who agreed to go out with him. The next morning, Clarence starts to prepare himself for his first real-life date. While going through his daily routine, he looks up information on his date on various laptops in order to charm her.

After getting dressed properly and going through the suburbs, he goes to his job at Generic Company and accomplishes a number of tasks, hoping to get the promotion he always wanted. After Clarence's Boss reviews his work, the day ends and Clarence goes to his date, named Sally at a restaurant. Clarence manages to impress her and they fall in love. Sally takes Clarence back to her place and Clarence is impressed with how his day turned out.

Clarence manages to bond with her even more, partly because he remembers what her interests are, and eventually they get married, with their honeymoon supposedly being very wild.