Clarence's House is the first level in Clarence's Big Chance.


Clarence Lardbottom wakes up in his house and completes his morning routine, preparing for his date. He needs to get dressed, shower, brush his teeth, eat, smell good, find some presents for his date, get into a romantic mood and most importantly, find his house keys so that he can go to work.


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Speed Run

For only doing what's essential:

  • Retrieve the key, guarded by Cuddles, from the area to the far right, in Clarence's Room. Then, return to the starting point and bounce on the bed to reach the locked door and open it. Go past the telly and continue onwards until you see Your Shirt and Tie, when you should bounce up and enter the area to the right. Go down and enter the door to the Hallway.
  • Go down the stairs and enter the second door to the left, leading to the Living Room.
  • Jump up the lamps to reach the area to the right. Continue onwards and then climb up the ladder so that you can collect the key. Go back down and then enter the area to the right, past the Father. Get to the end of the area and open the locked door to proceed. Ascend to the top of the area, making sure to obtain the House Keys at the top, and then continue to the area to the left. Get to the end of the room, past the four Daddies and past the closed-off area containing a Mittens, Roast Chicken, Mother and Father. Continue to the next area, grab the key at the top and open the locked door. Bounce past the fluffy cat room, get to the end of the room, climb up the steps then jump down the chute. Enter the door to get back to the Hallway.
  • Enter the first door to the left, which requires House Keys to open, to end the level.

Detailed Walkthrough

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