Clarence's Boss is a character in Clarence's Big Chance and the CEO of Generic Company. He always speaks in all caps chatspeak.


The boss of the company has been jailed beforehand because of a sexual harassment case with six female employees of his company. In addition, he appears to be disloyal to his wife mainly because of his dubious search history on the Internet. He also owns a fighting squid which he uses in illegal combat against BlandCorp's Boss's fighting squid. He named the floor where his office was located Floor B for unknown reasons.

He sealed the 2 1/2nd floor because of budget problems six months before the events of Clarence's Big Chance but there were still employees working on the floor when he sealed it, making them turn into undead who act exactly the same as before.

One day, Clarence Lardbottom, an employee of his company who finally got a date last night, began finishing a number of tasks hoping to get the promotion he always wanted and money to pay for dinner. At the end of the day, the CEO gives Clarence an evaluation of his performance.

  • If Clarence completed 0-2 tasks during the day, he fires Clarence.
  • If Clarence completed 3-9 tasks, Clarence gets £50 per task.
  • If all 10 tasks are completed, Clarence receives £1000, a promotion to an Executive and a business suit.
    • However, if Clarence arrives to his evaluation not dressed, he does not receive the suit.
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