Clarence's Big Chance is a platformer/dating sim, and Pseudolonewolf's first game written in ActionScript 3. According to him, the game is humorous due to the plethora of things trying to kill the main character, even in his own home. The game has five different endings although the 'Best Ending' is the canonical one.


The titular character Clarence Lardbottom is a 35-year-old fat and grotesque man who has somehow got a date with a woman through an online dating site one night. The next morning, Clarence starts to prepare himself for the date must go through the city collecting items to earn points that might impress her. During his daily routine, Clarence has to look up information on her interest and hobbies in order to woo her when the date comes.

When he goes through the suburbs and to his job at Generic Company, he finishes a number of tasks for his boss in order to get the promotion he had always wanted. After the boss reviews his work, the day ends and night comes. Clarence goes through the city and reaches the restaurant where his date is at. Using the proper information and responses, Clarence manages to impress her and they fall in love. Eventually, they get married.


Health Bar CBC

The health bar.

Most of Clarence's Big Chance is in the style of a 2D platformer. Clarence is moved using the left and right arrow keys and can jump with the space bar. He can swim underwater by jumping repeatedly. The down arrow key makes him crouch, allowing him to pass through small gaps, and the up arrow key interacts with props or NPCs. Additionally, The 'M' key [un]mutes the game's audio, 'Enter' opens up the menu and 'Esc' can be used to return to the title screen.

The game has Clarence exploring four large levels in preparation for his date at the Fancy Restaurant, with every level connected to each other through the Extradimensional Hub. Clarence is required to collect coins, items, Chat-up Advice and laptops in order to impress his date, and in the Generic Company Building, he has to find and complete Work Tasks for money and a promotion.

However, enemies and hazards obstruct Clarence's path and damage his four hearts of health, which can be replenished by obtaining Hearts. Enemies can be defeated by jumping or bouncing on them however underwater enemies cannot be defeated and can only be avoided. The game is saved if Clarence turns on a telly or opens a door and enemies respawn whenever he enters a door or respawns himself.

The game features five different endings, which depend on how much Clarence impressed his date at the end. Also, achievements are badges that the player can unlock by achieving specific feats or goals.

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