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Cerise is the female protagonist in Miasmon. She goes to Fracture to join the Daring Delvers. She meets Zaffre, the male protagonist, before her first mission. She grew up in a bubble, so to speak; in a colony where strife, famine, crime, etc, didn't exist. She's well-educated, but naive; she's only seen monsters in books and videos before, so the monsters she sees on Fracture are novel and exciting to her. She's bright, cheery and inquisitive, since unlike Zaffre, she has no reason not to be.


Cerise has a very feminine appearance. Red-pink hair that reach her chest, and and her fringe reaches her eyes, but equally split to the sides, leaving her forehead mostly bare. she has vivid bright green eyes and some freckles to adorn her cheeks with full lips.

she wears a pair of dangled white earrings and a V cut shirt short-sleeved colored light brown with dark brown sleeves that reach just below her elbows. underneath her breasts there's a pink corset that reaches her waist and long brown pants with brown shoes, she also wears the special miasmon gloves to control her miasmons.


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  • Cerise is a pinkish red colour. This may be a reference to the colour of her hair and also to her naive personality (she views the world through rose-coloured glasses). Zaffre, the other protagonist, is also named after a colour.
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