Cardeck is a game by Pseudolonewolf based on collecting cards. Not much information is known. The game won't take itself seriously at all, and will probably be very much a comedy.


The player collects cards and can make a customised deck. The cards are bought, using prize money, as booster packs contaning 7 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare cards.


You'll play as an obese, bespectacled, 40-year-old virginal man who lives with his parents, and spends all his time playing children's card games against the young lads in his town of residence. You start on the day where he is finally deciding to challenge the local Club Leader for the title of Best Duelist in the Region, but Aliens have seen fit to invade the planet! In a world where children's card games are very much Serious Business, you decide that it is your fate, your destiny, to challenge the Alien leader to a duel to drive away his invading army.


Thie game was another project Pseudolonewolf designed in the hopes of making something quickly and easily, however it turned out to be more complex than he thought, so he gave up. Currently he has no desire to work on it soon.


Only one card is known though there will be 5 common, 3 uncommon, 2 rare and 2 spell cards for each element, making a total of 96 different cards.


  • The pun on MARDEK wasn't intentional.

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