A village of sentient Trilobites, deep within the Trilobite Cave. It's completely cut off from human civilisation and the affairs of the surface world. It has really good items for sale, and the Arena is here!

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Cambria is a city of Trilobites, and an optional town to visit in the MARDEK series. Cambria's weapons are the strongest in the Hadris continent.

Getting into Cambria requires 4 Trilobite Keys, which can be obtained by:

After having all keys, go to the the southeast corner of the eastern map of the Eastern Glens and enter the Trilobite Cave. Each key unlocks a single locked door in the cave. The last door leads to Cambria.

All keys can be bought in Aeropolis in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones if any of them were missed in MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero, or a new character is created in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones. However, the Arena tournaments will have changed in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, and the tournament in MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero will be inaccessible.


Weapon Shop

Item Price (G)
Shadowblade 4,000
MythrilGreatblade 3,500
Twin Trilobites 6,000
Longsword 50
Bronze Sword 350
Silver Sword 1,000
Iron Sword 600
Mace 800
Greatsword 50
Tectonic Sword 400
Iron Greatblade 650
Ancient Sword 1,200
Shashiik 600
Boneslicer 2,000
Water Rod 1,000
Fire Rod 1,000
Earth Rod 1,000
Lightning Rod 3,000

Armour Shop

Item Price (G)
Trilobite Armour 5,000
Green Robe 4,000
Leather Armour 100
Bandit Leather 1,000
Chainmail 250
Copper Breastplate 400
Bonemail 2,500
Breastplate 1,000
Mage Robe 100
Hempen Robe 400
Hat 90
Leather Helm 50
Kettle Hat 200

Accessory Shop

Item Price (G)
10× RingOfSTR+2 400
10× RingOfVIT+2 400
10× RingOfSPR+2 400
10× RingOfAGL+2 400
10× Gauntlet 500
10× SilverRing 600
10× OnyxRing 800
10× MoonstoneRing 800
GreenBeads 400
Snakestone 2,000
Body Crystal 1,000
Mind Crystal 1,000
Belt of Movement 5,000

Item Shop

Item Price (G)
Potion 30
BetterPotion 120
Antidote 20
MotionPotion 20
HolyWater 20
LiquidSound 20
LiquidLight 20
BalloonJuice 20
Manaberry 200
PhoenixDown 500
CopperRing 100

Gope's shop

Main article: Gope.

Monster Formations

Non-random: See Cambria Arena

The Arena

Cambria also has an Arena, where warriors and adventurers may compete in tournaments for prizes.

In MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, the way to the arena is blocked by Lord Sir Bong-Bong McFtong the Moderately Bonkers and cannot be accessed until six Trilobite Warriors scattered throughout the world are defeated. They can be found in the Heroes' Den, Dark Temple, Water Temple, Fire Temple, Earth Temple and Miasmal Citadel - one in each place. More details can be found here.

More information about specific tournaments can be found here.


  • Cambria comes from the Cambrian Age, the first period of complex life on Earth. One of the most famous organisms from this time were the trilobites.
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