Mechanical arms, fashioned into whirring buzzsaws to slice into foes.

In-game description

Buzzsaw Arm is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Weapon slot by Legion.


The Buzzsaw Arm is a horrific masterpiece of a slaughtering device. Probably built with the intention of cutting away barriers instead of foes, but efficient either way. The Buzzsaw arm is a gray circular buzzsaw blade, presumably made of Gold and Silver based on the components, which has eight spikes along the edges. The spikes are probably derived from the Monster Fangs. The Buzzsaw Arm is connected directly to Legion's arm with a joint allowing for it to spin around, slicing and dicing anything it touches.


  • ATK: 50
  • Critical chance: 5%
  • STR +4
  • SPR +4


From recipe ×1 at Meraeador's Workbench:
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