The Burglar is an enemy in Clarence's Big Chance. He is a suspicious man wearing black-and-grey clothing, and is holding a sack of unknown goods and a flashlight to help him see in the dark. The Burglar only appears in the Streets at Night and is the only enemy introduced in that level.

If coins are in the Burglar's path, he can walk forward and steal the coins if Clarence does not reach them first. If the coins are stolen, then Clarence cannot get the coins just by jumping on the Burglar to defeat him. Clarence can either die or enter a shop to make the coins and the Burglar respawn.


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A Burglar is a type of thief that prefer to rob houses when nobody is home.

Burglar's appearance: he is wearing a black and grey stripped clothing, wearing black leggings and wearing a black head wearing while his eyes are covered with a black mask, he is carrying a brown robbing bag with his left arm and carrying a flashlight with his right.

His animation: He seems to be walking sneaky while turning on and off his flashlight.


  • Walks forward
  • Sucks up coins with vacuum (either die or enter a door to make them respawn)
  • Damages on contact
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