Bostolm is a character in MARDEK.


Bostolm is a Yalortian, and spent most of his life at a monastery in the Lifewood. Soon after the incident with the ★ Monastery Stone, he appears to have gone insane and died, along with the other Yalortians in the monastery. Bostolm has a deep fear of Pixies and implied to have drilled his head in an attempt to drive them out, leading to his death.

It's implied by the Fallen High Priest that Bostolm used to be the wisest, most learned and venerable brother in the monastery.


In Chapter 3, Bostolm's soul is mistakenly summoned from the Lost Monastery to reside in the robot that Meraeador builds, along with the souls of Baron von Doomkill, Deena, and Miserable ol' Martin. Gloria names the robot Legion, a reference to the Bible.

When taken back to the Lost Monastery, he recognises the place as his home. He refuses to tell the party the password needed to enter the monastery, but Vehrn tricks him into doing so, allowing the party to enter and retrieve the Monastery Stone for High Priest Vudu.

Most of the time, Bostolm's lines are little more than nonsense, however during one of his dialogues, he actually speaks coherently, until Baron von Doomkill mentions about pixies, which makes him insane again.


  • Each of Legion's souls are supposed to represent four temperaments: Bostolm is the sanguine one, which is often associated with Air. From that, and the yellow color of his soul, it may be assumed that he was of air element.
  • Bostolm seems to have been affected by the meteor that drove the priest insane in a similar way that Melchior was affected by the Violet Crystal.
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