A terrible skeletal demon, sealed in a treasure chest by wizards long ago to keep its evil from the world. It was thought at the time to be immortal, but its bones had become brittle over the centuries, leaving it vulnerable to destruction.

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Bone Demon is an enemy in MARDEK.


The Bone Demon is a terrifying beast made out of nothing but miasma, thaumaturgic energy, whatever those wings are made of, and of course bone. As a specimen in the Demon family, the Bone Demon closely resembles its other relatives, though it bears a closer resemblance to the Molestor.

The Bone Demon is entirely a sandy gray, presumably from the bones being eroded by sand. It appears to be squatting, and has a fairly simplistic skeletal structure. It has a pair of shoulder plates, each with potent red runes inscribed on them, and each of these are connected to elongated bones that make up its 'arms'. Each arm ends with a set of three-fingered claws. The body is made of a ribcage, pelvis, a set of femurs and finally ends in three toed claws for feet. Connected to its back are a pair of dull red wings with holes in them. It's head is the most unique part of the piece; the Bone Demon has a monstorous skull filled with teeth and has small red lights for eyes, the same light that fills its mouth. The chin is inscribed with a red rune while the forehead has a small yellow one. The Bone Demon also has two brown horns. The one on the right is intact, but the one on the left is broken near the end .



Main form


Accessory (1)none
Accessory (2)none


$ 33333 $
$ 999 $
$ 40 $
$ 28 $
$ 33 $
$ 16 $
$ 50 $
$ 10 $
$ 10 $
EVA (%)
$ 0 $
Critical (%)
$ TODO $

Elemental resistance

Glyph Fire Fire (%)
$ -50 $
Glyph Water Water (%)
$ 80 $
Glyph Air Air (%)
$ -100 $
Glyph Earth Earth (%)
$ 200 $
Glyph Light Light (%)
$ -100 $
Glyph Dark Dark (%)
$ 200 $
Glyph Aether Aether (%)
$ -50 $
Glyph Fig Fig (%)
$ -100 $
Glyph Physical Physical (%)
$ 100 $
Glyph Thauma Thauma (%)
$ -100 $

Status resistance

Poison Poison (%)
$ 40 $
Paralysis Paralysis (%)
$ 60 $
Numb Numbness (%)
$ 80 $
Silence Silence (%)
$ 30 $
Curse Curse (%)
$ 100 $
Confusion Confusion (%)
$ 60 $
Sleep Sleep (%)
$ 100 $
Darkness Blindness (%)
$ 50 $
Bleed Bleed (%)
$ 100 $
ZombieStatus Zombie (%)
$ 100 $
Berserk Berserk (%)
$ 10 $


AttackPhysicalPhysicalDeals damage to one target. May hit critically.0 MP
Furious FlameFireMagicalDeals damage to one target. Inflicts Berserk Berserk (100%).0 MP
Raging InfernoFireMagicalDeals high damage to all targets.16 MP
EarthquakeEarthMagicalDeals high damage to all targets.16 MP
DeathDarkMagicalHits one target. May instantly KO (70%). Inaccurate.20 MP
CurseDarkMagicalHits all targets. May inflict Curse Curse (80%).10 MP
Blood ClawDarkPhysicalDeals damage to one target. Lowers VIT by 1-2. Inflicts Bleed Bleed (100%).20 MP
Dark ClawDarkPhysicalDeals damage to one target. May inflict Darkness Blindness (10%).10 MP



  • Starts the fight with Haste.
  • A list of strategies can be found here.


  • The Bone Demon is one of 3 enemies that has any resistance or weakness to Thauma. The other enemies are the Carpioneiros and the Security Demon.
  • The Bone Demon is one of three ways to get either Earthquake or Raging Inferno for Legion. Given that it is readily accessible and doesn't require a complex set of quests to access, it is better than the alternatives (the Earth Guardian [Earthquake], Fire Guardian [Raging Inferno] and Annihilator:Karnos [Earthquake and Raging Inferno]). The Bone Demon also packs Dark Claw and Blood Claw, which are both potent Dark elemental learnable moves.
  • The Bone Demon's HP (33,333) and EXP (6,666) both reference the Number of the Beast (666).

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