A dark, evil sword with vampiric properties. It sucks the blood from the wounds it causes, and uses it to heal the wielder.

In-game description

Blood Sword is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Weapon slot by Mardek and Vehrn.


The Blood Sword has a blood red blade befitting the name, and also has a hilt that is a similar color. The guard is a dark black, and there are a pair of small white bits on the sides.


  • ATK: 30
  • Critical chance: 3%
  • DARK Elemental
  • Ineffective against UNDEAD
  • Drains HP
Skills Drain HP 10%


As drop Blood Zombie (1%)
From recipe ×1 at the Xantusian Blacksmith:


  • The Blood Sword is a common weapon in Final Fantasy games, where it has the same effect as shown here.
  • The Blood Sword is ineffective against the UNDEAD because most draining techniques has a reverse effect on undead in many RPGs and tabletop games (such as Final Fantasy or Dungeons & Dragons). In other words, healing zombies hurts them while draining energy from them (such as via a Blood Sword) heals them while hurting the attacker. The Ineffective bit is meant as a deterrent to prevent people from finding this out the hard way.
  • Equipped by Blood Zombie.
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