Billy G Lykel is the First Officer of a group of astronauts from Nineveh who crashed on Belfan in Xantusia. His spaceship serves as the connector of the Sandflow Caves and the Dark Temple.


This man could best be described as... 'eccentric'. He's one of those sorts whose mind is so brilliant that it goes above normal conventions of what's, well, normal. Despite his bizarre idiosyncrasies, he was a terrific First Officer... of something. Whatever one of those is.


He gives the party a quest to get him a ★ Gizmometer from the Sandflow Caves and later rewards the party with an EveningStar and the Dreamstone #2.



  • The Medic in Lykel's group finds Mardek strangely similar to their captain and tells him to remove the full helm but Rohoph doesn't allow him to do so.
  • The uniforms that Lykel and his crewmates wear is similar to the uniforms worn in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Lykel also says: I am First Officer Billy G Lykel of the- - This seems to be another reference. His name seems to be a spoof of Star Trek's First Officer William T. Riker. The rooms in the crashed ship all seem similar to those on a common Star Trek ship, in both name and design. Finally, they all seem to be hiding the fact that there is more advanced life on other planets from the primitive people on Belfan, an example of the Prime Directive.
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