Bartholio Strongarm El-Mars is a character in MARDEK. He is the leader of the World's Saviours, a group of generic, stereotypical adventurers who believe they are the protagonists, being unaware of the title of the series. He is a caring leader and becomes very angry when his allies are defeated.


Bartholio is a rather cornily generic macho Hero fighter-type, who leads a group of other self-proclaimed 'Heroes' who call themselves the 'World's Saviours'. Bartholio probably grew up on a farm and always aspired to save the world, just like Mardek and Deugan. However in his case, it is just a dream.

He and his party are searching for the Legendary Crystals, merely because that's what Heroes are meant to do. They want more power and glory.


Bartholio and company were first encountered in Chapter 2 in the Tainted Grotto, searching for the Water Crystal of Belfan. He thinks the Water Crystal is in the Tainted Grotto simply because he knows that it's in the Canonia region, and the Tainted Grotto is the only dungeon there.

In Chapter 3, Bartholio and his party are encountered again in the Fire Temple, where they search for the Fire Crystal. He plays the role of Madrak in Akhmed Wobblescimitare's play along with Vennie and Aalia, who play as Dougal and Elma respectively. Madrak's role in the play is similar to Mardek but more 'generic'.


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Information on Bartholio's skills in battle can be found here.

In the battle where Bartholio joins your party, he has the same items equipped as when you last fought him, but his base stats have changed: he now has a base STR of 24 (raised to 28) and a VIT of 21 (raised to 24). However, he is much weaker than when fought: he has only 1350 HP (and 57 MP) at level 26, compared with 4572 HP (and 56 MP) when fought at level 24.



  • His middle name, Strongarm, reflects the generic trait of fighter-type heroes.
  • His face and sprites are similar to Hero Mardek's.
  • Some of the words he uses, such as 'Ja' and 'Nein' are from German.
  • His last name, Mars, comes from the Roman god of war of the same name. Notably, Mars is the war god who does NOT plan strategies (as opposed to Minerva, or Athena in Greek mythology).

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