A suit of armour made of leather often worn by bandit leaders. It is infused with the power of air giving a bonus to agility air resistance and resistance to paralysis. This variation has enhanced enchantments.

In-game description

Bandit Leather +5 is an item in the MARDEK series. It cannot be obtained in-game.


The Bandit Leather +5 is a recolor of the traditional Bandit Leather. The Bandit Leather +5 is a bright yellow with a single band of lime green along the top of it.


  • DEF: 7
  • MDEF: 7
  • AIR elemental
  • AGL +7
  • Resist AIR (50%)
  • Resist Paralysis (100%)


  • Equipped by Muriance in chapter 3.
  • The Bandit Leather +5 gives an additional five points to DEF, MDEF and AGL while doubling Resist AIR and Resist Paralysis.
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