A suit of armour made of leather, often worn by bandit leaders. It is infused with the power of air, giving a bonus to agility, air resistance, and resistance to paralysis.

In-game description

Bandit Leather is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Armour slot by Mardek, Deugan, Emela, Steele, Vehrn, Zach, Donovan, Sharla, Sslen'ck, Elwyen, Gloria, Meraeador, Bartholio and Aalia.


The Bandit Leather is a dull yellow and tan color. The tan is due to the leather, the yellow is from the influence of the air elemental magic infusion. Though Muriance may be responsible for the later (seeing as he is Air Elemental and the head of the bandits), the bandits might have just stuffed a Topaz or two into the armor. The Bandit Leather is also a similar shape to the Leather Armour, but is aesthetically sleeker and has longer sleeves.


  • DEF: 2
  • MDEF: 2
  • AIR elemental
  • AGL +2
  • Resist AIR (25%)
  • Resist Paralysis (50%)


In chest Gem Mine (lakeshore)
As drop
In shop Cambria Armour Shop (x1)


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