The sword of a legendary hero.

In-game description

Balmung is an item in the MARDEK series. It can be equipped in the Weapon slot by Deugan and Bartholio.

Probably not just a really big stick.


The Balmung is a long blade with a wide golden guard and a golden hilt. The blade itself is white and has a line going through it.


  • ATK: 100
  • Critical chance: 8%
  • EARTH elemental
  • STR+5


On join Hero Deugan


  • In Norse mythology, Gram (also known as Balmung) was the name of the sword the legendary hero Sigurd (Siegfried) used to slay the dragon Fafnir.
  • The Balmung's uniqueness in terms of name and imagery are in direct contrast with the M Blade. (The latter is really just a white longsword). This may be to show the differences between Deugan and Mardek's mindset; while Deugan is independent and willing to take risks, Mardek is willing to let people choose what he should do (this is a reference to how Mardek is the protagonist and as such is controlled by the player).
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