BRUUMTIESSAL is a Lesser Archetype Deity for friendship.


(from a book in the Aeropolis Library in MARDEK)

BRUUMTIESSAL: BRUUMTIESSAL (broo-UM-tih-ESS-'l), The Helpful Listener, is a Neutral Good friendship deity. She's similar to AACIUPHI in that she can be called upon as a friend, but while AACIUPHI is more of the extroverted 'woo! Let's party!' inclination, BRUUMTIESSAL is more introverted and calm; a listener rather than a partier.
She is prayed to and called upon by people in distress, who need guidance in their life, who just want someone to listen to them, or who feel lonely and in need of comforting.
She manifests as either as a meek young girl, or a plump, elderly, bespectacled mother figure, depending on which the prayer would feel most comfortable around. Both are friendly, calm, and not judgemental; they forgive and help no matter what's wrong.
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