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Aurelia is a playable character in Deliverance. She is a 16-year-old Light mage from the city of Aldea. Aurelia is very energetic, likes adventure, and has a crush on Peregrin. Her mother is Iradia Moonglow and her father is Lunus Moonglow. She eventually accompanies the protagonist to find the Temple of Air.

She's going to be given a new race in the remake.

Starting Skills

Name Element Components Properties MP
Cure Light PureSoul LightEssence
MugwortDeliverance MugwortDeliverance
HEAL: 63-84 6
Panacea Light CleansingSoul LightEssence
MoonstoneDeliverance WaspStinger
CURE PSN: 100% 1
Barrier Light CleansingSoul MoonstoneDeliverance
P RunestoneDeliverance SlimeJam
PSH: 100%
DEF: +3
Wisen Light FocusSoul LightEssence
MoonstoneDeliverance SapphireDeliverance
SPR: +3  ?
Judgement Light ThunderSoul LightEssence
Bone DarkBone
DMG: 15-42 7
Weaken Light EmberSoul LightEssence
AcidSeed RubyDeliverance
DMG: 1-13
STR: -2
DEF: -1



  • Aurelia's last name is never given, although it's likely 'Moonglow' like both of her parents.
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