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Atonal Dreams is a 2020 turn-based RPG game by Tobias Cornwall. According to the homepage, it "blends surface silliness with a deeper exploration of the nature of reality, the afterlife, and coping with mental trauma".

It is the prequel to Divine Dreams, exploring the story of Savitr, an "angelic alien-devil knight", whom travels with his apprentice Collie, to "a monastery full of monks who ponder what lies beyond life's end."

Tobias stated that Atonal Dreams was based on the story of Enki Ea'seph El-Regis from his former project MARDEK. Likewise, many of the characters are based on characters from MARDEK.

Tobias created the game to gauge interest in the creation of Divine Dreams.

Playable Characters

  • Savitr, an "angelic alien-devil knight", based on Enki Ea'seph El-Regis.
  • Collie, his "spunky dog-girl apprentice/fangirl".
  • Ossoum, a "weird bald man who rambles about his woes", based on Saul Du-Xesphthar and the depressed soul from Legion.
  • Pierce, a "weird bald man who's spent all 40 of his years in a monastery", based on Muriance Pharezos Ae-Bross.

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