Aruans are a cynoid (dog-like) race hailing from the planet Kalhu. They are genderless, and highly advanced in both technology and magic. They tend to speak rapidly, often combining words and letters.

Only one Aruan has been seen, Solaar, so not much is known about them. However it is suggested that they have elemental alignment focused on Moral and Spiritual elements as opposed to Humans who are often dedicated to Natural and Moral elements. They also have what is possibly the only known Fig aligned character.

Known Members



  • The Aruans are familiar with dreamwalking and know of the annunaki.
  • 'Aruan' is (probably) a reference to the village of Aru in Deliverance. In addition, Aru sounds like a wolf's howl. ('Arrrrruuuu...')
  • Since the Aruans are genderless, the proper personal pronouns, possessive adjective and possessive pronoun for them are 'xe', 'xem', 'xyr' and 'xyrs' (instead of he/she, him/her, his/her, and his/hers, respectively).
  • The Aruans believe that they are the most technologically advanced race in the Nusku-Girru Binary System; the annunaki believe otherwise.
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