Arkus Zei is a Cyrian pirate featured in the games Raider Zero and Raider. He keeps a sword and blaster on him at all times, and has been known to use a laser rifle and shield. He has some small sense of honour, as opposed to Gruen, who has none at all.


Arkus' parents were rich, snobby Cyrians, but when Arkus was very young, they went on a romantic trip in their spaceship and were attacked by Gruen, a space pirate. He attacked since he knew they'd be wealthy, but he couldn't bring himself to kill the child, so he took him on board his own ship out of guilt and trained him for a while as a pirate.

When Arkus was still relatively young, Gruen thought that he'd had enough of looking after him and that Arkus was old enough to look after himself, so he left Arkus in some Cyrian Slums, and Arkus had to fend for himself.


He is the main character of both Raider Zero and Raider.
In Raider he is the only playable character and has a sword and blaster. In a bar he heard of a legendary treasure in a ghost ship. He travelled there and after some "blind exploring" he encountered a human imprisoned in the hold of the ship. After being released she revealed her name was Echelle and she knew of a great treasure.

In Raider Zero, he also has rifles and grenades.



Likes to monologue.

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